Girolibero runs a very efficient cycling business both self guided and guided. I recommend Girolibero for guided, self guided, and bike and barge cycling tours.

We had an opportunity in the fall of 2018 to ride their self guided tour for a week from Pisa to Florence and back to Pisa. The accommodations were excellent, the transfer of gear reliable, and the ride with gps routes as well as the hard copy of the routes made it doable to navigate this countryside even when you have never been here. Five of us rode together, we all enjoyed the Pisa to Florence to Pisa loop.

In addition to meeting the groups needs, I am a below the knee double amputee who rides a tandem bicycle. Girolibero organized our hotel accommodations so that my physical needs concerning bathrooms were accommodated. This made the trip doable for me and my captain.

I have a suggestion for expanding the options for the Pisa to Florence to Pisa loop. I would suggest that Girolibero consider doing the Pisa to Florence to Pisa route over an extended period of time, such as two weeks, so those people who like to cycle (and are slow) can be tourists too. The possible activities that can occur at each site are endless and the information packet given to each couple makes you want to stay and enjoy each small town and its historical gifts. For those of us who are retired and somewhat slow, this would be a fun option.