Thank you for all your work to see that we had a wonderful time in Provence.

The bull ranch was the best! It was so much better than the one Mike and I went to before. They put on an actual bull fight for us. I got a bouquet of flowers and a companion on a horse marched me in the ring with two other ladies. Then he took the flowers and the other men on horseback tried to get them away. It was a splendid display of horsemenship. They released the bull and about 5 young boys tried to get the ribbon off it’s horn. It was the highlight of the trip for me. Next they gave us a marvelous lunch with plenty of sangria. We all enjoyed it very much. I would suggest you plan it for other groups.
We were worried about the two separate groups but we went on the Estello each night and dance together and it went very well.

The only complaint I got was the Estello had two bathrooms that backed up two days but that was a problem that could be solved.

The buses you ordered arrived on time and were great. We really needed it to get to the TVG train station in Avignon. We had 29 people on the fast train to Paris and that all went smoothly.
Again, thank you for your attention to detail and all the extra help you gave me in planning this wonderful adventure. We look forward to Amsterdam to Brudge in 2019.