Every year, we publish a brochure featuring the very best of our bike tours. Request your free copy or simply browse online. If you think your friends might be interested too, why not pass it on to them and help us save paper!

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Girolibero holidays are growing more and more…and they cannot fit all in a brochure!


That’s why we have decided to publish “Girolibero News”, a brand-new magazine which you will receive free of charge from February 2017. You will find departure dates, together with fun facts and hints of our holidays and the backstage of what we do in Girolibero.

Please check our website regularly for updates and to find out the right holiday for you.

Enjoy the reading!

* Did you receive our brochure last year? “Girolibero News” will be delivered to you, you don’t have to request it. Please let us know if you have changed your address by writing an e-mail to



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