Girolibero Brochure


Girolibero Brochure

Every year during winter we prepare and send our brochure.

Every year brings a new idea and a different brochure.

Let yourself be inspired and browse through it!

Browse through our 2020 brochure

The printing of a new brochure has always meant a lot to us, but this year we cannot send it, due to the Coronavirus.


Girolibero 2020 brochure is dedicated to all those who sent us their nicest bike holiday pictures, it’s a photo album which we couldn’t just hide into a drawer.

That’s why we have decided to make it available here, ready to be browsed through and downloaded.







2021 on hold
Sometimes taking risks is part of our job; however, this year we simply cannot take this risk. Here you can read why - and in the meantime we are preparing 2022, ready to roll again!
#bucketlistpics<br>the winners</br>
We have looked into more than 1,000 drawers (!!!) and all pics have made us eager to travel! These have struck us more, though, as if we were your own travel companions! And the winners are…
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