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May 4th, 2020: start of the so called phase 2, with the first re-openings after the lockdown with its measures against the spread of Covid-19. Our Coronavirus team (the task force in charge of the emergency) has cancelled all tours up to June 30th 2020 and is contacting all interested clients.



April 2nd, 2020: the task force in charge of the emergency has begun to cancel early May departures and to contact the clients booked on them.



March 18th, 2020: we have finished to contact all clients booked on departures which have been cancelled, in Italy and in the whole world, up to the end of April.



March 13th, 2020: nobody can enter our headquarters any more! We are all working from home. The only exceptions are urgent matters, such as maintenance activities, carried out by our keeper.



March 7th, 2020: in the rest of the world life goes on as usual. Covid-19 seems to be a problem only in China and Italy. The tourism sector acts in a short-sighted way and simply bans China and Italy as tourist destinations



March 6th, 2020: stricter infection prevention measures: half of our staff is now woking from home, while the rest is still in the office, respecting the safety distance required. Any couriers, postmen, visitors and even clients cannot enter our headquarters any more.



February 25th, 2020: first practical infection prevention measures in our offices: for example, we have begun using disposable paper towels in the restrooms.



February 21st, 2020: first confirmed Coronavirus case in Northern Italy.



January 24th, 2020: first confirmed Coronavirus case in Europe (source: New England Journal of Medicine).


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