Covid-19: what has changed

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Covid-19: what has changed

What makes sense today, may not be the same tomorrow. In order not to get lost in this whirlwind of events, we’d rather wait for things calming down a bit. In the meantime we are using plenty of flexibility, which has turned out to be our best characteristics in these last years.

A message from our Boss



I’m thinking of you.

“In the darkness, words weigh the double”. This sentence particularly stroke me yesterday.
And we’ve never been so aware of this as in these days. Such as words, also pictures and videos weigh the double!
Mama mia! How true this is…

I’m here to speak the least possible, and to highlight the idea of break for everybody: here in Vicenza, in Italy and in the whole world.

Here below you can see 8 of us that have been working from home since mid March. The pictures of many other people are still missing: our mechanics, boats’ crews, tour leaders, suppliers and hoteliers, whom we’ve been working long with. I know that they are also preparing to start again, exactly like we are.

smart working


Now I would like to show you what’s going on in our headquarters, where we cannot go for the moment.
Our IT manager (and now keeper) lives very close from here and is always ready to solve technical problems. He also follows my mother’s orders: watering the twelve lemon trees which are still inside the building (during the night temperatures are still cool in March).

Take care and be safe,

Pierpaolo Romio, CEO… or the Capo (our Boss), as we would say here in Vicenza.



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